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Flip, Flip, Flipadelphia: Sixers Win Coin Flip over Raptors, Slotted 11th

The Sixers have finally won something. Hug somebody.

To scale.
To scale.
Thomas B. Shea

Thanks mostly in part to BHolly's work in this excellent FanPost on Sixers coin flips, the Sixers have won the coin flip against the Toronto Raptors and will have the 11th best chance at winning the Draft Lottery in a month. That gives them a 0.8% chance at landing the number one pick. Now is the time for your Lloyd Christmas gifs.

I have a lot of thoughts about this. So here they are.

1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

2. Seriously, why the hell wasn't this televised? We get to watch NFL coin flips before the game to determine who gets the ball now and who gets it later. I would watch the hell out of this coin flip (which is probably not really a coin flip but a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet John Hollinger coin flip that CANNOT BE TRUSTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES I USE MY EYES). I would pregame for this coin flip. I would postgame for this coin flip. I would've used the money I spent on the 1999 Survivor Series Pay Per View to pay to watch this coin flip if Jim Ross did play-by-play and the Spanish Announce Table promised to be destroyed at some point. Why in the world wasn't this televised?

3. Tails.

4. This could be the difference between getting Klay Thompson (11) and Alec Burks (12). Or Jerome Moiso (11) instead of Etan Thomas (12)! Or Tariq Abdul-Wahad (11) and Austin Croshere (12)! ROBERT HORRY (11) AND HAROLD MINOR (12)!!!!

5. Toronto doesn't care much because Oklahoma City is getting the pick anyway. Sucks for OKC. All they have is the playoffs. Poor saps.

6. I am looking at Penny Hardaway's career stats. Damn, kid could play.

7. Still not as low on Mason Plumlee as you guys, but I can see the hilarity in talking about it. I mean, he's a Plumlee.

8. Imagine how many cooler ways teams could decide a tiebreaker than coin flip. Do-or-die: Dorell Wright from straightaway. Arm-wrestling: Ed Stefanski vs. Tony DiLeo. Cuteness: Kyle Lowry vs. Jrue Holiday. Hawesness: Spencer Hawes vs. Andrea Bargnani. Ton of missed opportunities here.

9. Honestly, the 11th pick may not matter a ton for the Sixers vs. the 12th. But when it's looked at as an asset, every bit helps.

This is good news! Good news is good news!

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