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Liberty Ballers on Lunch Break: Collins on Collins

Former Sixers' head coach Doug Collins gave some fugazi answers in his fugazi exit press conference today, and we couldn't just take him to task in written form - we had to do it in video form as well.

I tried to stifle a laugh at Doug Collins' silly press conference. I failed.
I tried to stifle a laugh at Doug Collins' silly press conference. I failed.
Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia

When Liberty Ballers first got the invite to appear on CSN Philly's Lunch Break program today, no one had any idea that Doug Collins would hijack exit interview day with an "enough about me... let's talk about how much you should love me" press conference.

Sean O'Connor fired the first shot across the bow while the microphones were still warm, and Rhea Hughes and I took him to task less than an hour later. Key takeaways from today? Doug doesn't like the word "guilt", he's terrible at executing a proper "exit strategy", and he left some of his DNA with the younger guys on the team. Whatever that means.

Since Collins is on the payroll for another five years as a "special advisor", maybe we'll get a few more of these before he starts collecting a check from TNT as a color commentator rides off into the sunset.

Doug Collins - Always a winner, never a champion. Except when it comes to narcissistic press conferences: He's the king of those.

Hit the link for 6:52 of goodness...

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