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Pistons 109, Sixers 101: C'mmon 11th Pick Reaction Thread

The Pistons took care of the Sixers on their final home game of the season. Greg Monroe is good.


Well, nothing about that game was surprising to say the least. The Sixers front court got dominated from the get-go by Greg Monroe, Will Bynum continued his legacy of scoring half his team's points whenever playing against the Sixers, and Kyle Singler was as pale as you remembered him with Duke.

For the second straight game, Dorell Wright lead the Sixers in scoring with 22 points (4-10 from three-point range) while five other Sixers reached the double-digit mark, including everybody's favorite brother tandem in Jrue and Justin Holiday (14 points and 10 points, respectively).

Unfortunately for those who wanted the Sixers to win, the defense was completely nonexistent, especially on the interior as Greg Monroe put together one of the most efficient games you'll ever see (27 points on 14 shots along with 16 rebounds).

Fun fact courtesy of little Michael Levin: "Sixers lose, meaning they'll finish this season with less wins than last year, when they played 16 fewer games." Yum.

Only one game left. If you were looking for a place to post your immediate reactions, you are the luckiest person on Earth... because you've found it!

Do it, kids.

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