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76ers vs Cavs Interviews - Julius Erving and Jrue Holiday

Interviews with Julius Erving and Jrue Holiday during last nights 91-77 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Erving talked both about his own 1983 and the current team, including what he thought about the Doug Collins situation.


Julius Erving - about the 1983 team:

Julius Erving talks about how the 1983 championship team came together.

"You have hall of fame people who were a part of that [1982-1983] experience, and that's the on the court and off the court people. And Maurice Cheeks is on the hall of fame ballot for this year, so that's another player who is hall of fame worthy. You don't get that every year." -- Julius Erving

Julius Erving - talking about the 76ers current ownership team and whether Doug Collins should be back:

Julius Erving talks to reporters about his faith in the 76ers ownership group, and why he thinks they would be making a mistake if they let Doug Collins leave.

"I think what I know about the ownership group is they're used to winning. They're used to being successful. And they're guys who love sports, who love this sports, and they love this opportunity that they have to go to the mountain top to Philadelphia." -- Julius Erving.

"This team can't mimic Miami or OKC." -- Julius Erving

"Doug's going to do what's best for him and his family, and I think the organization is always going to do what's best for them. The organization can ill afford to have Doug walk away, because they're not going to get a better coach, or a better teacher." -- Julius Erving

Jrue Holiday - talking about the win, his brother's game, and what happened this year

Jrue Holiday talks after the game about the win against the Cavaliers, about what his brother Justin Holiday brings to the team, and about what happened this season.

"How hard [Justin Holiday plays], I don't think anybody can take that away from him." -- Jrue Holiday

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