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Doug Collins DNP-CD's Lavoy Allen, Guess Why!

Things are great in Sixerland!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Brief refresher: Lavoy Allen was asked the other day what he's learned over the course of the season. His response: "That's a good question. Uhh, nothing really. I didn't have to do any rookie duties this year, so that's good, I guess." That's that Temple education kicking in!

So it should come as a surprise to absolutely none of you that Lavoy, who has mostly sucked all year anyhow, didn't play at all against the Cavaliers until the last three minutes and fifty seconds, where he was awarded the garbagiest of garbage time minutes in a blowout win. He went 0-2 with a rebound in that 3:50. Meanwhile, his benchtime counterpart, Arnett Moultrie, took advantage of his 23:32 (4th-most minutes for him this year) with 10 points and 6 boards.

Now we don't know for sure if Doug Collins benched Lavoy for his comments, but sure we do. Collins showering Moultrie for playing time while keeping Allen on the bench like he's a former flame who sees Doug at the bar with another girl? That's intentional. Of course I don't mind since the other girl is our athletic first round draft pick who has some potential and the former flame has more upside in his Twitter game than in the NBA.

Truthfully, I don't blame Doug. As totally boned as this season's become, this is still not how you'd like your players to talk to the media. But as we get barraged with pro-Collins people telling us how great of a teacher he is and how the Sixers would be lost (IMAGINE!) with another coach, Lavoy learning nothing and subsequently getting benched for it by his frustrated coach does stick out.

Two games left. Two games left. Two games left. Two games left. Two games left. Two games left. Two games left.

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