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Game Recap: Sixers Beat Wizards, Only 3 Games Remain

The never-ending season is almost over.


The Sixers beat the Wizards in DC on Friday night in yet another meaningless basketball game. It's sad to call these games meaningless but it's true. Where is the intrigue? What am I - what are you - supposed to get excited about? And even if you want the Sixers to play for PRIDE, what's the satisfaction in scraping out a win against a terrible and injured Wizards team?

Fortunately these questions won't matter in three games because this hell of a season will FINALLY be over.

Back to the recap... the Wizards got off to a strong start on Wizards Fan Appreciation Night and led by as much as 13 at one point. During this time the Sixers were allowing the Wizards to get to the rim too often. Fortunately for the Sixers the Wizards shot a terrible 13-21 (61.9%) from the FT line. Open looks from 3 weren't falling for the Wizards either as they only shot 1-13 (7.7%) from beyond the arc.

After the defense tightened up and the Wizards pooped everywhere, the Sixers found themselves quickly climbing back in the game after the half. It was a back and forth game (Zumoffism: "on the seesaw") for a little bit but the Sixers proceeded to take control of the game. The Wiz (With or Without? My column:) looked like they were going to make a run in the 4th quarter but none other than SPENCER HAWES put a stop to that with a very lucky offensive rebound and put back sissy hook. Chris Singleton's stat-stuffing layup as time expired in the fourth set the final score at 97-86 in favor of Philadelphia.

The Sixers final 3 games include: Cleveland Cavaliers at home (last home game), at Detroit Pistons, and the season finale at the Indiana Pacers.

Misc Thoughts:

  • It was nice to see Jrue Holiday not play as terrible as he's been lately. I'm not too worried about him though anyway.
  • Thad played great. There's no question he's been a big part of any "success" the Sixers have had this season.
  • At one point Malik Rose said that the Sixers settle for too many contested long jumpers. You don't say, Malik?
  • Really worried about a Damien Wilkins contract extension this summer. 4 years, 20 million for the VETERAN?
  • 27th DNP-CD in a row for Kwame Brown. Clutch performance. With 3 games left he's shooting for an even 30!
  • Nick Young AKA SwaggyP was quiet (0-3) in his return to DC. The Washington crowd booed him but he wasn't on the floor long.
  • Speaking of bad performances... Evan Turner had a terrible shooting performance: 0-11 (0 points) in 24 minutes played. He contributed with 7 assists and 4 rebounds but that was just a terrible performance against a bad team. The sad part is that when Evan did try to attempt higher percentage shots at the rim he was blocked (2 blocked attempts). This is a result of going up too soft.

More on Turner's bad performance, from @RoobCSN:

He's 0-for-11 from the field and 7-for-33 in the last three games.

Evan Turner's 0-11 is most shots by a 76er w.o. a basket in at least 28 yrs. Geiger [1999 vs Grizzlies] & Hawkins [1993 vs Mavs] both 0-10.

Most games this year shooting 40% or worse [at least 5 attempts]: Randy Foye 46, Evan Turner 43, Brandon Jennings 43, Klay Thompson 41.

Most games by a Sixer shooting 40% or worse [min 5 att]: V.Maxwell [44, 1996], E. Turner [43, 2013], Korver [42, 2005], L.Wiliams [41,2009]


Personal note: I mentioned this in the preview/gamethread but I'd like to say it again. This will be the last Sixers game I cover for LB in the 2012-2013 schedule. It's been a pretty crappy season but it's still been a fun ride. Kudos to the great LB community for making the site such a special place. Luv you all.



Final - 4.12.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Philadelphia 76ers 24 24 26 23 97
Washington Wizards 31 18 16 21 86

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