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Hold On: CSN Philly Disputes Inquirer Story on Sixers Wanting Doug Collins Out

Just what we needed, a mainstream media war!

Nice crop.
Nice crop.

Hey, media people are disagreeing with each other and we're not in the center getting yelled at! That's a nice change. CSN Philly's John Finger (he of the ANTI-TANK LOSERS ARE LOSERS division) reports from his unnamed sources that Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Bob Ford's unnamed sources are off the mark. Finger stands pat on the previous previous report that Adam Aron and Sixers ownership wants Doug Collins around for a long time.

If Doug Collins does not return to coach the Philadelphia 76ers next season, it won’t be because the Sixers want him out, according to a league source.

The source said the Sixers are completely supportive of Collins as the coach of the team as he heads into the last season of his contract.

That's pretty much all that's new from the Finger article as he brings up quotes from Gonzo's previous discussion with Adam Aron about Collins being in no danger of losing his job.

As expected, this is just a case of some people within the organization wanting some things, and some wanting others. Doug has his supporters and his detractors on the inside of the Sixers front office just as he does in the fanbase. I assume that's the case everywhere. Things are leaking out here because of how terribly this season has gone and the fact that we're on the precipice of franchise-altering decisions.

And now we've got something from Doug's agent.

Don't trust anything anyone says. But you should read into the fact that they're saying it. There's plenty of turmoil on the inside. If Doug doesn't go, somebody else will. Inquirer has their sources, CSN Philly has theirs.

Four games left. END, SEASON, END!

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