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NBA Free Agency: Nick Young Wants a Long-Term Deal

The Swag is... delusional?

Swaggy P loves warmups.
Swaggy P loves warmups.

It's Always Swaggy in Philadelphia? In speaking to Hoops World, Nick Young expressed his interest in a long-term deal this free agency period around the bend.

"I’m just trying to get a long-term contract," Young said. "I’m just going to weigh my options and see what goes on. Free agency is crazy. I’ve been in it the last two years. I’m just hoping for the best."

Players want long-term security, so I get it. But MAN I feel bad for Nick Young after the yo-yo routine Doug Collins put him through this season. Nick was Walking The Dog one minute and collecting dust in the basement next to Doug's pogs and MLB Showdown cards the next.

I can't in good faith report that Nick Young had a "good" season, but I can tell you that he had a season. He took us by storm and the more verbose among us fell in love with him. Considering next season and all future seasons will be the Chris Kluwe of punting, I would love to bring Swaggy back strictly for the entertainment value. If it's between he and Damien Wilkins, it's not even a question.

There's a few other good Nick Young quotes ("everybody needs a team") in there so give it a read. Nick is the best of us.

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