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Sixers Release Jeremy Pargo for Justin Holiday

Nepotism reigns!

Stephen Dunn

Jeremy Pargo's legacy with the Sixers is quietly one of my favorite, most Sixersy things about this season. After a 28-point drubbing he put on the Sixers in November as a Cavalier in place of Kyrie Irving, it was predestined that Pargo would be a 76er before long. So he was, just three months later, playing the hero with a quick 12-6-4 in 29 minutes during a win over Charlotte. He'd have just one more 25+ minute game over the next month and a half, crashing into Doug Collins' doghouse in a fire of garbage time and DNP-CDs. And now he's gone.

We'll get to Justin Holiday in a second, but I really point out just how perfectly Doug Collins this whole Pargo thing is. They signed him, mostly because they remembered that time he scored lots of points for them. Then Doug got all excited about Jeremy and gave him plenty of time off the bat. Then, a few bad games, and there he goes. Disappearing into Royal Ivey's shadow while playing Jrue Holiday a thousand minutes in useless basketball games.

This isn't any reason to be mad, it just makes me laugh. Say hi to Maalik Wayns and Shelvin Mack for me, Jeremy.

So we got Justin Holiday, who I'm reasonably excited about. Jordan and I talked to him at Summer League when it looked like he had a great shot at making the team. He's been kicking some ass in the D-League and now, finally, the Sixers have brought him in. He'll be around for the last 9 games of the season with an option for next year as well. He's young, he can shoot, he can defend, and he's related to our best player. But he'll probably hang with Charles Jenkins and Arnett Moultrie on the bench while Damien Wilkins plays 35 minutes.

There's no reason why he shouldn't be our 9th or 10th guy for a few years. If only the Sixers were clever enough to have cool features with Jrue and Justin, we'd be in for some goofy fun times. I think we'll have to settle for Kwame Brown instagrams though.

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