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Heat 102, Sixers 93: Immediate Reaction Thread

It was closer than anyone thought it would be, but as so often the case, the Heat rose.

Marc Serota

It was assumed that the Miami Heat, riding a 16-game winning streak, would roll over the increasingly hapless Sixers from the start.

But the Sixers had other ideas early, using an uncharacteristic knack for ball movement and driving to the rim to a 20-11 lead in the first quarter. Philadelphia held serve for the next 20 minutes or so, leading 58-49 in the third quarter and setting off a legitimate discussion over the damage a Sixers win would do to the Church of the Tanking Octopus.

Then the Heat, who were wearing their black "El Heat" jerseys in what I'm told is a celebration of pidgin know what, I speak like five words of Spanish and even I know that "The Heat" is "El Calor," if only because of this song. You'd think that an NBA team would be able to figure that out.

Anyway, after that, El Heat outscored the Sixers 53-35 in the final 21 minutes or so. In other words, things went about how you'd expect them to go when Damien Wilkins guards LeBron James.

There will be a more comprehensive recap shortly, but in the meantime, vent your spleen below. Just try not to get any on the furniture.

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