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Sixers vs. Heat Game Thread: Enjoy LeBron

There are games you want to watch because your team stands a decent chance of winning and there are games you just want to watch for their aesthetic value. This is the latter.

Yes, that's Andres Nocioni in that picture. It's an old picture.
Yes, that's Andres Nocioni in that picture. It's an old picture.
Marc Serota

Game 61
Miami Heat (2000 - Pres)
March 8, 2013
American Airlines Arena
8:00 EST
Comcast SportsNet
Probable Starters
Jrue Holiday PG Mario Chalmers
Charles Jenkins SG Dwyane Wade
Evan Turner SF LeBron James
Thaddeus Young PF Udonis Haslem
Spencer Hawes C Chris Bosh
2012/13 Advanced Stats
93.1 (22) Pace 92.5 (24)
98.5 (27) ORtg 110.3 (2)
102.5 (12) DRtg 101.3 (10)
Game Officials
Ron Garretson
Bill Kennedy
Eli Roe

Those two wing matchups sure do stick out, don't they? Though that has more to do with LeBron being good than Evan Turner being detritus. On the plus side, we finally get our collective wish of seeing Charles Jenkins start over Royal Ivey. I'd have taken a chicken starting over Royal Ivey, but this works too.

Hey, it's one game. Anything could happen.

For further coverage, check out Hot Hot Hoops, whose game preview was written by the exquisitely named Diego Quezada.

Y'all know where to gripe/make scatological jokes/etc. So let's do this.

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