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Doug Collins Thinks Doug Collins Should Play Arnett Moultrie More


Who, me?
Who, me?

This is what the season has come to. I've been advocating for more Arnett Moultrie since ever, and not because I love him as a basketball player (I don't, really), but because he's the only first round pick they have since drafting Evan Turner and the combination of Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen hasn't been bad so much as it's been cruel and unusual. But Doug Collins continued to not play him in spite of a reasonable amount of production because _________________.

So it's with no comment that I present this to you:

OF COURSE I'M GOING TO COMMENT IS THIS REAL LIFE? Doug, you are the head coach. You are also basically the GM and the Owner and the cheerleader and the taxidermist and I heard you used to play basketball and something about running out of your shoes and never getting booed. You can pretend to be good guy Tommy Carcetti all you want, but ultimately you're the guy who gets the blame BECAUSE YOU DECIDE WHO PLAYS AND WHO DOESN'T. BECAUSE YOU ARE THE COACH. OF THIS BASKETBALL TEAM. AM I BEING CLEAR ENOUGH.

Spencer Hawes shot 0-9 with 4 rebounds against Golden State, almost exclusively on 20-footers, and he still played 12 more minutes than Moultrie, who got absolutely no plays run for him and went 2-2 because he goes to the basket.

Moultrie has played more than 25 minutes in a game exactly one time this season. Once. They traded a first round draft pick for him, they claimed he was a top 10 talent, they are 23-35 with the worst or second worst frontcourt in basketball and they've played him more than 25 minutes ONE. TIME.

Jrue Holiday, who must be tired of passing backwards on pick and pops, agreed.

Meanwhile, here's Spencer lost in the woods, clinging to a tree, and crying for his mother.

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