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Sixers Out-Tank Wizards Final Score: 90-87, Peace is Restored

This is better.

Something philosophical
Something philosophical
Rob Carr

After last night's win to the Golden State Warriors, there were a few worriers on the Tank Train thinking we'd be derailed by good basketball. Not so, friends. The Wizards have been hot of late, and despite some really bad basketball from both teams, pulled out a victory over the tired and bad Sixers. Yay.

Dorell Wright, who was awesome, had a shot to win it but needlessly faded a lot and hit front rim, sending the Sixers back home with a loss. Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday both played pretty terribly after great offensive games from them against Golden State. Thad had a mean dunk but was pretty forgettable otherwise -- too many jumpers. After last night's 0-9 fiasco, Spencer Hawes was efficient on offense, if still really terrible per the eye test everywhere else. Lavoy Allen was bad. Arnett Moultrie was good in 6 minutes. Still baffling. All he does is set good screens, roll to the basket, and be a large human. No reason why Lavoy plays over him.

Losing to the Wizards is crucial for the lottery. They now lead them by just 4 games in the standings with both teams going different directions. This marks the 10th straight road loss for the Sixers -- they fall to a hilarious 6-20 on the road this season. Good for the Wizards, who played sloppy but team basketball and won in spite of Bradley Beal going down with what looked like a rolled ankle late in the game. Still love John Wall.

Hit up Bullets Forever for some goodies. Celtics on Tuesday. Ladies and gentleman, rev your tanking engines.

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