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Sixers 100, Bucks 92: Immediate Reaction Thread

Forgive them, Lucy. They know not what they do.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

A Damien Wilkins dunk with 41.7 seconds left clinched free Big Macs as the Sixers upset the Milwaukee Bucks, 100-92.

Gotta be honest, I'm not sure how this game was so high-scoring, but the Sixers treated their fans to a win on Fan Appreciation Night to come within 11 straight wins and a pretty unlikely Milwaukee losing streak of sneaking into the playoffs.

For the second time this season, Spencer Hawes topped his career high in rebounds, this time pulling down 17 boards, though with Doug Collins essentially going with an eight-man rotation and Milwaukee jacking up enough missed shots to shame the stormtroopers in the post lightsaber-duel firefight in Star Wars, rebounds were available in abundance.

Six Philly players scored 13 points or more and...yeah, you get the idea. More "coverage" to come later.

If you have more to say, whether you're glad the Sixers won or peeved they're screwing up the tank job, there's a comment section full of unbelievable wonders below.

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