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Adam Aron: Doug Collins Under No Pressure from Sixers Management


He's just as appalled as we are.
He's just as appalled as we are.

Adam Aron, Tony DiLeo, and how-is-he-still-involved-in-this-organization Rod Thorn held a ridiculous-sounding Town Hall meeting for Sixers ticketholders and listened to more ridiculous comments about the team from the disgruntled mouth-breathers who showed up. Then, they responded with Even More Ridiculous answers to the Already More Ridiculous Questions. This event and this season and this franchise are unmatched in ridiculousness.

Twitterfellow @mrdangdang is at the event (instaflam!) and has essentially become our Beat Writer on the ground.

Two mediocre seasons. One massive shart season. Inefficient basketball. Kwame Brown. Sure, ownership. Give him free reign.

Get your Josh Smith jerseys now!

"So we're going to be reactionary and sign lots of mediocre BUT HEALTHY! players this offseason."

This is like running into Brooklyn Decker while she's taking a massive shit. In other news, I met Brooklyn Decker today. She was not taking a shit, massive or otherwise.

Except for the coach.

Textbook HOW TO RUN A PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL TEAM. Yell at fans in a makeshift Town Meeting. This is not the 1880's. I would've been the guy in the back yelling "Howard Johnson is right!" over and over.


Thanks to @mrdangdang for all the goods. Give him a follow before you stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. We're all screwed.

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