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Sixers Final Score: Jazz Beat Sixers 107-91; WE LOST! WE LOST! Reaction Thread

They did it!


The Sixers lost! The Sixers lost! They well and truly lost! They did it! They did it! They are back in the saddle again after last night's disappointing victory over the Sacramento Kings. The Utah Jazz defeated the Sixers on Wednesday night by a score of 107-91 and it was a tanking pleasure filled with bad basketball, self-loathing, and pride in Lucy.

A triumph of the mind, pessimism, and will, the Sixers notched their 43rd loss of the season. It was not in spectacular fashion like the Denver loss, but all losses count the same, and the Sixers should gladly take it as they come. Lose off last second boneheaded mistakes like the Denver loss? BRILLIANT! Get run out of the gym from tip off to final whistle like today's loss? EQUALLY BRILLIANT!

In their feeble attempts to win, the Sixers today were led by Dorell Wright with 19 points, and Spencer Hawes and Arnett Moultrie, each of whom had 14 points. In their successful attempts to lose, the Sixers were without question were led by Lavoy Allen, who somehow managed to have only 14 shots and yet only score six points. You don't know how happy this made me.

For a Utah perspective, check out SLC Dunk.

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