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Andrew Bynum Contract: Sixers Front Office Split

I'm Skyping with Daryl Morey as we speak.

"Ah, the old Front Office Split."
"Ah, the old Front Office Split."
Quinn Rooney

Plan A. Plan A is bringing back Andrew Bynum. That's what they said a month or so ago. Is that still the case now that Bynum will be going under the knife and missing the season? According to the Woj article on Bynum's surgery, the Sixers are split on whether or not to offer him a contract.

The 76ers are torn on how they'll proceed in offering Bynum a contract to stay with the franchise, as are potential suitors around the league. The Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks have the salary-cap space and need to make a serious bid for Bynum.

I'm not going to speculate who is on what side or who wants what. But I am still absolutely baffled as to what Rod Thorn actually does for a living. Maybe he just packs Tony DiLeo's lunch and leaves notes for him next to his Dunkaroo's (chocolate. always chocolate.) for him to read later.

As I've said, I can't imagine they bring him back. There's much, much more to be written and said when this is all over with, but now it feels like there's too much baggage and frustration to sign him to any sort of lucrative contract. Houston and Dallas will go for broke. I can't see the Sixers putting up that much coin.

And then there's this throwaway line at the end.

After believing that Bynum could help the Sixers contend with the elite of the Eastern Conference, the franchise is 25-40 and could be headed for significant changes in their front office and coaching staffs, sources said.

This decision is going to cost some people their jobs. Who? No idea.

16 games left of this nightmare season. So much of the franchise is in flux and I don't even know if I want them to bring back Bynum anymore.

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