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Andrew Bynum to have Surgery on Both Knees, Out for Season

And the world just keeps on turnin' and turnin' and turnin' and turnin'.

Not Andrew Bynum.
Not Andrew Bynum.

Andrew Bynum is a player on the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers traded a bunch of middling assets for him. He is tall. People say he is good at basketball when he is healthy. He hasn't played this season because his knees hurt. Everyone is sad. You are now caught up.

Woj and the local beats had it after so you know it's legit. The Sixers are going to make an official announcement shortly.

I don't have any feelings about this. Once the news broke about his contract being covered by insurance should he miss the entire season, there was no shot in hell a floundering Sixers team would waste that money on maybe a few games. It's the obvious decision on their part to let him go through with surgery.

And for him, well, it's his life. I hope his knees get cleaned out and he gets plenty healthy and plays lots of basketball and does well.

But it will not be for the Philadelphia 76ers.

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