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Sixers vs Pacers Game Thread: This Is A Basketball Game

Will the Sixers continue to tank or can they pull an upset over the Indiana Pac-- oh who are we kidding.

Game 65
Wells Fargo Centre
7:30 PM
Probable Starters
George Hill PG Jrue Holiday
Lance Stephenson
SG Evan Turner
Paul George
SF Damien Wilkins
David West
PF Thaddeus Young
Roy Hibbert
C Spencer Hawes
2012/13 Advanced Stats
89.7 (26)
Pace 90.8 (21)
104.0 (20)
ORtg 101.3 (27)
99 (1) DRtg 105.5 (14)
Game Officials

Hail Lucy.

If you aren't near a TV you can listen to the game live on the radio on 97.5 The Fanatic or 97.3 Atlantic City or 1470 Allentown.

Tank tank tank tank tank tank tank tank tank

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