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Andrew Bynum is covered under Sixers Insurance

The Bynum Premium.

Stephen Dunn

I've been doing my very best to forget that Andrew Bynum exists over the last quarter of the season, but we've got some news or something that I'm bloggingly required to inform you about. It seems like all the talk about the Sixers spending so much money on a guy who won't play a game for them is crap. Insurance!

From the everybody's favorite John Mitchell:

"There is a leaguewide insurance that he's under," Sixers president Rod Thorn said Wednesday before the team hosted the Miami Heat. "There is some relief along those lines."

Thorn did not say how much of Bynum's salary would be covered by the insurance. However, he said that the Sixers would get full relief because there are no preexisting conditions that would prevent Bynum's coverage.

"No, he's under the full protection," Thorn said.

Obviously he still counted against the cap, but at least the Sixers didn't take a bath in this. Maybe that means they'll still be willing to take big risks since they didn't blow their load on Bynum? I don't know. Someone smarter than I can tell me what to think. I have no more thoughts to give.

I do know the Sixers just Sixers'd the insurance companies.

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