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Sixers vs. Bobcats vs. Your Sanity Preview

Should be one for the ages!

The Bobcats.
The Bobcats.
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

You rarely see Triple Threat Matches in the NBA, but tonight we're to be treated to a doozy of one. The Charlotte Bobcats, worst team in the NBA, will take on the Philadelphia 76ers, most Sixers team in the NBA, as well as your sanity, which is hanging on by a thread.

The Bobkitties, as they are lovingly called, just lost a tough one to the Lakers at home, a game in which four Charlotte players somehow had double-digit rebounds. They've lost six in a row and DeSagana Diop hasn't scored a point since December. Ramon Sessions is kind of their best player. Kemba Walker does things. Lots of things.

Your sanity hasn't won a game in years. They're definitely the heavy underdog tonight.

The Sixers take their Jeremy Pargo and 21-27 record into the Wells Fargo Center to face the 3rd worst efficient team in basketball. They are the 2nd worst. I'm pretty sure your sanity is rock bottom. Will Spencer Hawes start alongside Kwame Brown again? Will the Sixers trade Evan Turner for DeSagana Diop at halftime? Will Batman be able to escape the clutches of Karl Kyle, the King Of Cats?

Here's what Ben Swanson of Rufus on Fire said about the Sixers:

Basically, the 76ers are very mediocre. They're not bad, but they're not very good either. Their defense is one of their decent points, but it's not elite. Their offense comes off as dreadful because they just don't have the scoring threats. They're the worst team at getting to the free-throw line with 0.141 FT/FGA and don't shoot all that efficiently otherwise. They lead the league in shots from 16-23 feet, aka the most inefficient range in basketball - and of all the teams in the league, they're one of the worst shooters in that zone. Their defense is solid but not quite exemplary, and it tends to foul a bit.

Hello, the past five years of my life.

Oh and here's a pregame diss rap from the Rufus on Fire team about the Sixers. They talk about Maalik Wayns and Shelvin Mack who are no longer on the team, but I still love it.

Shoot some heroin, incept yourself into level four of dreamsleep and buy some Philadelphia 76ers Tickets here. Soon, they're going to start paying you to go to the games.

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