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Casual Friday Liberty Links Lounge: "Missing You, Thaddeus Young" Edition

We'll bring the links, you bring the discussion. Casual Friday open thread discussion fun for everyone!

Thad face.
Thad face.

Welcome to another edition of the Liberty Links Lounge.

Quick things:


76ers Sunday Morning Shootaround: The Reckless Edition
In this edition of The Sunday Morning Shootaround, we're introduced to Kwame Brown's right-hand man, delve deeper into the shoe closet of Swaggy P, and see one of our own get a personal shout-out of sorts from Sixers' CEO Adam Aron.

Doug Collins: "Thaddeus Young is going to be out for awhile"
Well, this sucks.

Sinking Feeling: Thad Young Injury Keeping Him Out Three Weeks
Though the Sixers have won three games in a row, things are looking mighty ugly for them right now. They've only beaten two teams that could be classified as "good" since 2012 (Knicks and Rockets, both at home after 2+ days of rest), Andrew Bynum is still out, and now their most consistent player in Thaddeus Young will miss at least three weeks with a strained hamstring.

The Philadelphia 76ers If Andrew Bynum Had Played
So as the shadow of Bynum looms (though I started writing this before Thad went down, so double turds), I figured I'd take a look at the games they lost and see how a healthy Bynum could have changed them. Obviously this entire exercise is ludicrous and worthless and should be taken as lightly as you'd take a political commentary from Spencer Hawes. None of this is right and this is basically a personification of the fallacy of the predetermined outcome. With that in mind, let's get crazy.

The Nikola Vucevic trade, jumping to conclusions, and revisionist history
With Nikola Vucevic's unexpected play, many are revising history and jumping to conclusions that do not have much supporting evidence. A look at what we know, and why including Nikola Vucevic in the Andrew Bynum trade was not a mistake.


Sixers 2013 NBA Draft Options - LB FanPost by jtjennings
When the Sixers look bad, and lately they’ve been looking bad more and more often, I start thinking about the built in silver lining of being bad in the NBA. The Lottery!

Nick Young 360 Dunk GIF - Courtesy: @dhm

Video: Will Smith Enjoys Swaggy P's 360 Slam from Courtside - The 700 Level
Admit it, when you first saw Nick Young attempt a 360 slam on an easy breakaway last night, you thought for a split second that maybe, just maybe, the rim was going to reject him. Thankfully, Swaggy P. completed the rare full-rotation dunk and all of the fans at the Wells Fargo Center enjoyed the show.

Andrew Bynum Hair Update - The Basketball Jones
Not a huge fan of this one.

VIDEO: GEICO Dikembe Mutombo Commercial - Happier Than Dikembe Mutombo Blocking a Shot

In Which Sammy Dalembert's Career-High 35 Gets Compared to Frank the Tank Blacking Out in 'Old School' - The 700 Level
"I'm not sure what's going," is what one of the announcers says at one point in last night's Bucks-Nuggets game after former Philadelphia 76er Samuel Dalembert gets an easy bucket with an and-one. That's the kind of night it was for Sammy D., who absolutely busted out for a career-high 35 points. Sammy has had a very quiet season in Milwaukee, averaging just under 6 points per game with a season-high of 15 prior to last night.

Sixers Fan Buys 18 Tickets To Tonight’s Game For Less Than A Dollar - Deadspin
The Sixers are five games under .500 and hosting the Indiana Pacers isn't doing the Wells Fargo Center any favors, either. Things are so desperate in Philly that one fan was able to scoop up 18 tickets on stub-hub for $.04. He bought the entire row and told Ryan Petzar he did so because it "seemed like a funny idea, and the extra space to stretch out was a plus."

Damien Wilkins On Defense, Dunks, And Why He Stays Indoors In Philly - Sixers Dish
Definitely check this one out. Wilkins is kind of a funny guy. Best line: "Spencer (Hawes), well, he's allergic to the paint."

The Sixers' failed Shawn Bradley experiment -
The 76ers drafted Shawn Bradley with the second pick of the 1993 draft. There was probably never a pick who had so much promise but was so disappointing.

Ex-Sixer Sam Young fitting in with Pacers - CSN Philly
The Indiana Pacers re-signed Young last month three weeks after releasing him. The move was made after Young injured his left ankle during a practice in January. With Young’s contract on the verge of being guaranteed, Indiana made the tough decision to part ways.


REMINDER - RULES OF THE THREAD: As long as you keep it clean (no cursing and please remember to bathe before threading) and avoid touchy subjects like religion/politics/etc, it's fair game. It's your thread - use it as you see fit.

Now, discuss! Happy Friday!

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