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NBA All-Star Jrue Holiday to Participate in Skills Challenge

Jrue already know.

No defense though.
No defense though.
Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

Without Jrue Holiday, the Sixers would simply be Nick Young and a series of Spencer Hawes jokes. Thankfully, Jrue is keeping together whatever crumbling fort the Sixers have and the NBA (or whoever votes for these things) is rewarding him for it. First it was an All-Star appearance. Now it's an invitation to the Skills Challenge. Don't ever leave us, Jrue.

His five competitors include Tony Parker, who they may as well name this event for at this point, and a bunch of young guys. Brandon Knight, Jeremy Lin, Damian Lillard, and Jeff Teague round out the list. Not bad company, but if you look at it, Jrue may actually be the best of the six when you consider defense. He's no lower than second behind Parker. You could maybe make a case for Lillard. Maybe.

It's just splendid to see Jrue get more recognition around the league because the dude has been nothing short of spectacular this season. We can only imagine what sort of player he'll be come when he actually has a team to work with.

You think he can win? I don't know. He may be a little too smooth for this event. I have a feeling he won't have trouble with the long two. But I don't know if he cares enough about winning it to go full speed the whole time. I can see Teague on full blast. Parker is lightning. I don't know about Jrue. Hopefully he performs well and people remember the Philadelphia has a basketball team.

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