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Sixers Can't Score, Lose 88-69 to Pacers Reaction Thread


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers played really hard tonight. They gave a ton of effort on the defensive end. They really did a pretty good job against the physical Indiana Pacers on that end of the floor.

But that's all they did well. This game was frankly brutal to watch. I saw tickets that were going as low as four cents online. That's about how much the Sixers' offensive performance was worth. And make no mistake, a major part of this beatdown is how well Indiana is playing.

A bizarre power outage of the arena scoreboard made it pretty hard to find any of the game stats, so I'll just say Arnett Moultrie (12 points) and Lavoy Allen (10 points) were solid offensively. Everybody else wasn't.

I'll have some longer thoughts later. React here.

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