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Indiana Pacers At Philadelphia 76ers Gamethread

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West! Hibbert! Hawes! Kwame!


Game 48
February 6, 2013
Wells Fargo Center
7:00 EST
Probable Starters
George Hill
PG Jrue Holiday
Paul George
SG Nick Young
Lance Stephenson
SF Evan Turner
David West PF Spencer Hawes
Roy Hibbert C Kwame Brown
2012/13 Advanced Stats
89.7 (26th) Pace 90.8 (21st)
102.6 (25th) ORtg 101.7 (29th)
99.9 (1st) DRtg 101.7 (11th)
Game Officials
Ken Mauer
Matt Boland
JT Orr

As always, I have no feel for this game. Indy is playing well but should be really tired. The Sixers are on about the ugliest three-game winning streak possible. I'll say Sixers 90, Pacers 85, and not believe it all.

Also, here is my preview and let's not forget our friends at Indy Cornrows.