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Sixers vs. Magic Final Score 78-61, Both Teams Hate Basketball Reaction Thread

We all felt this way, Thad.
We all felt this way, Thad.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

What you need to know: The Sixers beat a hilariously shorthanded Orlando Magic team at home by a score of 78-61. They lost Thaddeus Young to a strained hammy midway through the game. The teams combined for 13 attempted foul shots and Spencer Hawes and E'Twaun Moore paced their respective teams in scoring.

That's what you need to know.

What you don't need to know is that this can easily get added to the list of worst professional basketball games of all time, joining a half dozen other games the Sixers have played this season.

You don't need to know that it took Thad's injury and a still-rehabbing Andrew Bynum to get the Sixers prized first round pick Arnett Moultrie his career high in minutes, 12.

You really don't need to know that the teams combined to shoot 4-32 from beyond the arc. Or that the Sixers got all of 12 points from the foul shots and threes, miserably failing to reach the 40-point quota Doug Collins has set for them on a nightly basis.

I urge you to never speak of this game again, but it's only going to get worse from here. Until Andrew Bynum gets back, the Sixers are 100% legitimately unwatchable. You cannot watch them. It is not possible. Try. Fail.

And this was after a win. Oh, right. They won. This is the 3rd straight win for the Sixers, whose opponents during that time have a combined winning percentage of 0.307.


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