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Report Says Doug Collins is Keeping Tabs on Moe Harkless

How could you leave, Moe Harkless?


Former ESPN and current Comcast SportsNet Bay Area NBA Insider Ric Bucher is reporting that Sixers Head Coach Doug Collins may have a bit of seller's remorse, if that is actually a thing (and if not, I just made it up). According to Bucher's sources, Collins is closely watching a player who only wore Sixer colors for a couple of games in the Orlando Summer League. Here's the main part of the report:

"Sources say that Collins has been consumed (does he do anything any other way?) with tracking the boxscores and performances of Moe Harkless, the rookie forward the Sixers sent to Orlando as part of the deal that netted them Bynum."

First off, it's important to say that we have no idea if this report is true. But boy, it definitely fits the narrative. Tidbits such as box scores (and nothing more, because Doug doesn't like numbers) and a whole lot of emotion sure do sound like the Sixers' coach.

I can't confess to having watched many Orlando games this year, probably in the same way other people around the country haven't watched a ton of Sixers games. But from looking at the box scores like Collins has reportedly been doing, Harkless is playing a ton of minutes on an injury riddled and shorthanded Magic team that has lost 17 of its last 18 games. I'm not sure that Harkless, a young player with upside who is receiving some much needed seasoning, moves the needle at all with this current Sixers' team. In fact, I highly doubt it. We are years away from knowing what exactly the Sixers gave up in the swingman from St. John's.

My main question would be, if you are going to watch Orlando, wouldn't it be easier to become "consumed" with Nikola Vucevic? Isn't he the player who easier fits as "the one who got away"? Collins often alludes to the fact that his team has gotten slower on the wings as major factor contributing to their struggles. Maybe he could be longing for Harkless' athleticism above all else.

Of course, there's another player that the Sixers took in the first round with athleticism and some promise still on the roster in Arnett Moultrie, yet he doesn't play all that much. If Collins is longing for a rookie who plays a ton of minutes largely because his team is focused on the future (or tanking), it does seem a bit peculiar with the way he handles his roster.

That is, if the report is true. Which again, we don't know for sure. Feel free to discuss and speculate in the comments.

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