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Sixers vs. Knicks Preview: Buzz, Your Girlfriend. Woof.

“Damien Wilkins, thanks for joining us. Who are you wearing?” Thanks, Ryan. Glad to be here. I’m wearing Umbro.

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The Sixers travel to Madison Square Garden to take on the rival, New York Knicks, tonight in a pivotal Atlantic Division showdown. The Sixers lost their fourth game in a row last night - a 114-90 decision to the Miami Heat - a game which didn't feature a Sixers free throw until deep in the 3rd quarter.

Just like every other Sixers game since 1963, there will be no Andrew Bynum in the line-up tonight. But Lavoy Allen will play. And so will Spencer Hawes. And there may be even a Charlie Jenkins appearance if we're all good and eat our vegetables. So, that's something. Also, here's hoping that Charlie's Chaps replaces Padilla's Flotillas and Person's People as the next big fan club in this city. Because Ivey's Rashes really hasn't taken off.

The Sixers, as currently constructed, are almost unbearable to watch. It's like being forced to watch MTV's Say What? Karaoke on a loop, and every song sung is Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" and in this analogy, "Genie in a Bottle" is every Sixers offensive possession.

The Sixers probably won't get to the foul line tonight. Our front court probably won't contribute. There will be a lot of contested long jumpers, etc, etc, etc. We've seen this movie before. We quote our favorite lines. We purchased the soundtrack at The Wall. It seems nearly impossible for the Sixers to beat a quality team without a strong performance from Jrue Holiday. That's just a lot of pressure on the young All-Star.

The Knicks are, too, in a bit of a tailspin. Maybe it's a swag problem? Swag the Sixers have. Let's negotiate. I'd be willing to trade a little Swag for Tyson Chandler and a pick. The Knicks come into tonight's game at 32-20, but have dropped four games in a row, including two losses to Toronto in the last two weeks. Maybe the only medicine the Knickerbockers need is a few more shots from Carmelo Anthony.


Besides pain? 103-92, Knicks.

Remember This Knick: Jerome Williams

One of my least favorite bench/role players in recent memory. Nicknamed "The Junkyard Dog" - and, no, not the real Junkyard Dog (R.I.P.) - Jerome Williams spent the entire Sixers/Raptors playoff series in 2001 waving a towel, which must've been tiring considering the series went 7 games. A quick list of my least favorite Knick role players:

1) Jerome Williams

2) Howard Eisley

3) Mason Plumlee (preemptive)

LB Game Thread Contest

Coverage starts at 7:00. At what time will the Sixers attempt their first foul shot? I'll say 7:28 PM. Guess below. Winner will receive an 800 word post by Levin on the appendage of your choice.

You're Stuck With Me

I'm in charge of the Sunday games here at LB, and the Sixers, after tonight, play a few of the worst teams imaginable on Sunday (Washington, Orlando, Sacramento, and Cleveland). Buckle up. Gonna be a fun ride.

Da Bad Guys

Posting and Toasting and the Fightin' Seth Rosenthals.

***UPDATE*** Doug Collins has confirmed that Thad Young will play tonight.

Radiohead - Faithless, the wonderboy (via idiotequeit)

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