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Final Score: Heat 114, Sixers 90 Wishing Andrew Bynum Will Be In Game Shape Shortly Reaction Thread

The Sixers tried. They really, really tried. But the Heat are great, and the Sixers are not. This is not news.


You can't say the Sixers didn't try. But you can say they certainly are not good enough to keep anywhere near the level that Miami plays at. In order to compete with Miami, the Sixers need Bynum. Tonight, they did not have Bynum, and that showed in the results.

Dorell Wright, Nick Young, and Jrue Holiday, who led the Sixers with 21 points, all stood out. Evan Turner was not completely embarrassed guarding LeBron James. Spencer Hawes had a moment where he rejected a LeBron shot with authority.

The bad news enters when I tell you that was Hawes's only highlight of the night, the Sixers blew the opportunity following the block, and the Heat are a better team than the Sixers.

Arnett Moultrie spent the entire relevant portion of the game on the bench because why play a rookie who has shown a little promise when you can play the useless Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen instead. And this was a day where Kwame did not play either!

LeBron's the best. The Sixers are not. 114-90. Sounds right.

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