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Andrew Bynum Injury Update: PRACTICE.

What we talkin bout?

Nice point.
Nice point.

First, the update. Andrew Bynum has practiced with the team. That team being the Sixers. That practice being a basketball practice. His bone bruise lube arthritis knee Spike Lee joint is apparently feeling good enough to play basketball with his teammates. This is a good sign. His return may be imminent.

On the other hand...


For like 6 straight months, we get updates about everything from his anti-gravity jogging chamber to how much he sweat while walking to the bank, then all of a sudden he just PRACTICES and it's like "oh, yeah, he practiced -- FYI." Like I've been waiting for this liver transplant for six years and I'm just in bed dying then the doctor comes over and goes "Oh right, forgot to tell you, you're at the top of the list or whatever so we'll just go ahead and save your life you gonna finish that Jello?"

If Andrew is practicing with the team -- for the first time ever? -- then we may be crawling out of this eternal grave the Sixers have put us in. But I don't know anything else other than that because NOBODY IS TALKING TO ANYONE. What's Doug Collins have to say? Tony DiLeo? Bynum? Aaron McKie's niece? TALK TO ALL OF THEM THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT UPDATE IN THE WORLD AND EVERYONE IS ASLEEP.

I just woke up, which may be responsible for all the caps lock. I think this is good news though. Get me my damn knee lube.


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