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Liberty Ballers on Lunch Break: Deja Vu All Over Again

We love you, Doug. But you're making it hard for us to defend you right now.

The lion on LeBron's sweater is bigger than the lion on my sweater.
The lion on LeBron's sweater is bigger than the lion on my sweater.
Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia

About two months ago, I went on CSN Philly's Lunch Break to discuss whether or not Doug Collins is the right man to coach the Philadelphia 76ers.

In the interim, our beloved Sixers have gone 10-21, Andrew Bynum is still no closer to making his way onto the basketball court, and a malaise has affected Michael Levin to the point where he's posting pictures of snowmen on the front page of Liberty Ballers.

Thanks to an excellent piece by Brandon Lee, the same question was posed to be on Lunch Break today: Is Doug the man to lead this team going forward? We also debated whether or not the Sixers needed to do something at the trade deadline, and wondered whether it's even worth it for the team to make a playoff run at this point. Hit the link (or watch below) for 5:52 of #SixersTalk!

(Note: For the record, I really didn't/don't want Josh Smith. But if the Sixers feel as though they HAD to make a move, and they HAD to get the best player available, then a potential Smith trade wouldn't have angered me. I am, however, a member of #TeamTank.)

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