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NBA Trade Deadline: Sixers Do Nothing Except Charles Jenkins

Sam Young isn't walking through that door.

New Sixers additions.
New Sixers additions.
Andy Lyons

Well I'm sure they didn't do nothing, but it seems like the Sixers are content to slog through the rest of the season with the current roster as it stands. There was a rumored J.J. Redick deal that seemed to be down to the Sixers and a few other teams, but Orlando went with a Milwaukee Bucks package of Beno Udrih, Doron Lamb, and Tobias Harris. And with no other guys the Sixers have been linked to, they faded into trade deadline darkness after that.

Are we happy that the Sixers made no moves despite a 22-30 record and ineptitude from top to bottom? Surely we are not. But since we are Sixers apologists after all (HA), at least they didn't do anything obnoxiously stupid. It was a quiet deadline across the board for the NBA -- probably resulting from the new CBA issues. At least we won't have to read too many "NBA TRADE DEADLINE GRADES!" articles.

All we can do now is wait for Andrew Bynum to become healthy or join the circus and hope for the best. More waiting. We are the eternal groundhog waiting to see his shadow. Only 30 games left in the season, and we do have that lottery pick to look forward to. Time to suck it up, root for losses, and channel The Eddie Jordan Era once more.

Feels like we're back in The Shire.


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