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NBA Trade Deadline Rumor: J.J. Redick a Possibility for Sixers

Take a seat, Josh Smith and Andrea Bargnani.

I just love this picture.
I just love this picture.

It's tough to tell what's fact, rumination, or shuttlecock around the trade deadline. And with the slightly overweight female about to sing on this trade season, we're at the Apex of Shuttlecockia. Woj tends to be at the eye of the storm for, well, everything, and in his NBA trade deadline buzz post, he has a bit about Orlando Magic little guy and former Dookie J.J. Redick being linked to -- guess who? -- your Philadelphia 76ers.

Teams have been reluctant to give up a first-round pick and a good young player for a player who could turn into a rental for the rest of the season.

The Philadelphia 76ers could be a real possibility for Redick in free agency, sources told Yahoo! Sports. Redick has a strong relationship with coach Doug Collins, the father of his close friend and Duke assistant coach, Chris Collins.

I'm, like, slightly tickled by this. I have no idea who the Sixers would give up (certainly not a first-round pick and a good young player, right?) but J.J. fits the With Bynum Sixers very very well, especially as a guy who could come off the bench and provide *efficient* offense and outside shooting.

But if a hypothetical trade centers around a certain Evan Turner, and it very well may, then maybe Redick plops himself next to Jrue Holiday in the backcourt. JJ's got himself a $6M expiring contract and Woj said he's looking for Jrue money in the 4/40 range. Would you rather pay Redick this year than pay Turner the year after? Maybe. Perchance the Magic would even be generous enough to give the Sixers their first round pick back? I doubt it would just be a straight Redick-Turner swap.

J.J.'s percentages have majorly gone up this season even with him averaging a career high in minutes (31) and shot attempts (11.6). The Magic are, per 82games, a team-high 9.8 points per 48 minutes in the red when he's not on the court (for reference, they are 1.2 pp48 better when Nikola Vucevic is on the bench, ahem). Dude takes 6 three's per game. It's not like he'd be asked to do much more than hit open jumpers and occasionally drive to utilize his surprisingly surprising playmaking abilities.

The more I think about it, the more I'd kind of love it. J.J. on a 4/30 would be nice. Nicer if Bynum is here. We've always implored the Sixers to use Dwight Howard's 2009 Magic team as the template for success. Surrounding (healthy) Bynum with shooters and a better point guard in Jrue with better wing defense makes a championship team. J.J. was one of those guys then. Could be nice.

Anyway back to the rumor. It's a rumor. It came to existence because Doug's son is a Dookie assistant. It's probably not gonna happen. Though another trade with Orlando would make me giggle. This would put them into Houston Astros territory if it happens.

Would you want Redick? Does a Jrue/Redick/Dorell/Thad/Bynum lineup excite you? I still think that's missing a wing playmaker (OLADIPO!) but it's less risky than the same lineup with Evan in it, though also not quite as upside-y if you still believe ET can become the player he was destined to become. Mull away, friends!

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