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76ers' Tuesday Night Shootaround: Nick Young Footie Pajamas Edition

Never change, Nick Young. Seriously. Never change your outfit - this is fantastic.

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Jeff Zelevansky

In the brief history of this series, we've never done TWO Sunday Morning Shootaround posts in two days. Then again, we've never seen anything like this:


Yes, ladies and gentlemen: That is, in fact, our very own Swaggy P clad in a Superman onesie as the Philadelphia 76ers' team plane prepared to make its way to Minnesota earlier this evening.

There is further photographic evidence of this incident, and each picture is more entertaining than the last.

This might be my favorite one of them all, however - the stewardess/flight attendant clearly has no idea of how to react to a grown ass, 6'6" multi-millionaire wearing adult pajamas:


(Brief aside: It appears that the stewardess/flight attendant is holding Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in her hand. If that's the case, then I need to figure out how to get on one of these Sixers' charter flights ASAP. @SixersCEOAdam: If you could hook that up for me, I'd appreciate it. Just leave the pickles off of my sandwich, please - thanks.)

Since we here at Liberty Ballers pride ourselves on getting the story right, Young isn't wearing a Snuggie nor the equally strange Forever Lazy, but rather the Superman Symbols Footed Hooded Pajamas.

The following point bears repeating: Young wore this as the team prepared to fly to Minnesota IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. The temperature in Minneapolis, MN at 9 p.m. this evening? A balmy 4 degrees.

The fact that Young had the nerve to not only wear this on the team plane, but continue to sport it hours later (even after the team checked into the hotel) merely shows that his swag is on a completely different level. Perhaps even on a completely different planet. Nick Young is the Kal-El of Swag.

(Somewhere, Russell Westbrook is upset that Young beat him to the punch on the Superman pajamas.)

On Instagram, Swaggy P said that the Superman outfit was a gift from his "big bro T." Bless you, T. Bless your heart.

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