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Final Score: Sixers Pull Away From Kings 89-80 The Sixers Almost Actually Lost To The Kings Reaction Thread

Despite nearly losing their grip in the 3rd quarter, the Sixers held on in the fourth when the Kings got cold offensively and managed to preserve an 89-80 victory.


On Monday night, the Philadelphia 76ers played a marvelous game against a tough Memphis Grizzlies team and only barely walked away with a loss. On Wednesday night, the 76ers played a pretty bad but no longer awful Washington Wizards team and came away with might have to be considered one of their ugliest wins of the season. Tonight, the Sixers played Kings, a team with the league's worst defense, controlled at the very least the scoreboard for three quarters, and did not pull away for good until the very end.

For the 2012-13 Philadelphia 76ers without Andrew Bynum, this sounds about right.

The Sixers were led in this game by Thaddeus Young who had 23 points and 15 rebounds. He was bested in point in this game by Tyreke Evans of the Kings, who led all scorers with 29 points.

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