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Casual Friday Liberty Links Lounge: Adam Aron Gives Mike A Shoutout! Edition

We'll bring the links, you bring the discussion. Casual Friday open thread discussion fun for everyone!

He likes us! He really likes us!
He likes us! He really likes us!

Quick things:


Bynum on schedule to practice soon
76ers GM Tony DiLeo announced to members of the media that Andrew Bynum is on schedule to participate in practice by the first week in February.

Jrue Holiday to Debut Adidas "All-Star" Crazy Fast
We at Liberty Ballers (aka, really just [Tanner]) have written before about shoe-game and the Philadelphia 76ers by route of Nick Young. We previewed five possible ideas of what kicks he'd rock back in July (just minutes after Jordan was checking out Omri Casspi's groupies at summer league) and broke down his sneaker season so far as of a month ago. This time, we take a different route and bring to you news of what our little all-star Jrue Holiday will be sporting during the 2013 All-Star Game.

The impact of John Wall and the return of Andrew Bynum
Since John Wall has returned from injury, the once dreadful Washington Wizards have gone 6-4, with a scoring differential of nearly +6 points per game. This provides a good look at the impact a potential superstar can have on a team.

Nick Young and Andrew Bynum's Hair-Growing Contest
Apparently, Nick Young and Andrew Bynum had a hair-growing contest. Or that's how The Score interpreted a throwaway line in a Washington Post profile of Nick Young after the Sixers-Wizards game on Wednesday. In other news, the Post is doing profiles of Nick Young. See, folks, there are more agonizing teams to follow than the Sixers. At least the Inquirer doesn't run sidebars on former Sixers who are now bench players on other bad teams.

Could Allen Iverson Work for Sixers After He Retires?
For many of us, Allen Iverson will always be the defining face of the Philadelphia 76ers. The enigma that is The Answer has his supporters and detractors in equal measure, but ultimately no one can really disagree that he's impacted the game immeasurably. And though his sad unretirement plan hasn't worked out well, it's good to see him think about life after basketball.

Dr. Seuss: Knicks vs Sixers Preview - (Wait how did this get in here?)
I don't like the Knicks, and neither should you.


Everything Free Throws: A Tale of Sixers Ineptitude - LB FanPost by iladelphia
After watching tonight's game against the Wizards, I was pushed to my boiling point with regards to the Sixers and their general disdain for taking and making free throws. We all knew that they have been bad in all phases of the game related to the charity stripe, but I took it upon myself- masochist that I am- to really explore the numbers behind it all. What I found made me laugh (awkwardly). It made me cry (a lot). It was all around depressing. The conclusion I came to is this: the tales of the Sixers ineptitude in regards to free throws are greatly understated. That's right folks, they're actually much worse than we all thought they were.

Hobbit-Flavored Sixers Trade Value Rankings - LB FanPost by soconner76
These trade value rankings arose from the intersection of three different events. The first seems obvious: I’m currently reading The Hobbit for the first time after having seen the movie, and I am enjoying the experience very much. Sadly, I never read Tolkien during my childhood (I was a Harry Potter guy) and missed out on it. The second was John Hammond’s re-signing in Milwaukee, which inspired me to look at the trade scenarios and values for each Buck, which made me wonder what the Sixers looked like in that view. And the third was the Rajon Rondo injury, which may inspire the Sixers to make a move to improve their odds of making the playoffs.

Charles Barkley Randomly Showed Up On The Phoenix ABC Local News And Attempted To Do The Weather Report - Deadspin
This is... weird. Basketball Hall of Famer and TNT analyst Charles Barkley dropped by the 11 p.m. newscast of Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV last night and tried his hand at meteorology. We can't say it went well. It's not entirely clear what Sir Charles was doing there in the first place, though he did stick around for sports and generally hijacked the entire broadcast. (We're guessing Chuck arrived a bit early for his hit on the following Sports Sunday program and decided he needed a bit more air time than the half hour he'd been allotted.)

VIDEO: A Swaggy Love Story, Chapter 4: Wherein Nick Young Loves Philly Back, Starring Malik Rose - The 700 Level
Love this so much. Malik's Swaggy impersonation is on point.

Bynum gets shots in knees -
Andrew Bynum went in Thursday for his twice-yearly service. Bynum headed to New York to receive two scheduled Synvisc shots in his knees from personal physician Dr. David Altchek. Synvisc is a joint lubricant that can provide up to six months of knee pain relief per injection.


Really enjoyed this tweet.


REMINDER - RULES OF THE THREAD: As long as you keep it clean (no cursing and please remember to bathe before threading) and avoid touchy subjects like religion/politics/etc, it's fair game. It's your thread - use it as you see fit.

Now, discuss! Happy Friday!

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