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Sixers vs. Clippers Game Thread: Dunk Tank

This thread was going to be subtitled "Chronicles of Redick," but then he broke his hand and it's all ruined and screw that guy.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
Game #22
Los Angeles Clippers (2011 - Pres)
Philadelphia 76ers (2010 - Pres)
Wells Fargo Center
7:00 PM
Comcast SportsNet
Probable Starters
Chris Paul PG Tony Wroten
Willie Green SG Hollis Thompson
Jared Dudley SF Evan Turner
Blake Griffin PF Thaddeus Young
DeAndre Jordan C Spencer Hawes
2013/14 Advanced Stats
95.7 (8) Pace 99.2 (1)
108.7 (4) ORtg 100.7 (26)
104.4 (14) DRtg 107.9 (28)
Game Officials
Luke Skywalker
Biggs Darklighter
Wedge Antilles

This is going to be an interesting frontcourt matchup. Thad and Hawes, who finesse bigs, against Griffin and Jordan, two enormous guys who can jump out of the gym and have about an arm's length of range. That's not meant to be any kind of normative judgment (though I'd bet on the Sixers being outrebounded)--just an observation about a potentially interesting contrast of styles.

Also, Maalik Wayns is down here somewhere on the Clippers' depth chart. We'll see if Doc Rivers trots Sheep out for a wave to the hometown crowd.

And a big ol' honkin' c/g to Clips Nation, who have alternative coverage of tonight's events.

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