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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Breakin' 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Instead of making fun of Evan Turner's tweets for the 64th week in a row, we decided to turn the camera on ourselves.

The excellence of execution... the epitome of boring.
The excellence of execution... the epitome of boring.
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Last week, Michael Levin sent me an email with the tweet below saying that it had to be included in this week's Shootaround. Quite naturally, I obliged.

The 6'12" Brandon Lee Gowton may not have been impressed by Mr. Steidel's feat, but I definitely am. Dunking a basketball is a transformative moment in a man's life.

(Note: I've never actually dunked on any basketball hoop that didn't say "Nerf" on it, but I imagine that it feels pretty good to throw one down. I know that I used to get amped up throwing one down on my nephews when they were toddlers.)

No video exists of Tanner's dunk, but we do have a clip of the celebration afterwards.



I'm sure it wasn't that bad.



(Wait... are those raspberry creamsicle skinny jeans?)

By the way, there's video of the incident as well. Levin's barrel roll at the end is reminiscent of the moves that I used to do in "Afterburner" on the Sega Master System.


Sean O'Connor re: Knicks/Nets --

NO ONE should be forced to watch A Madea Christmas - that falls squarely under the banner of cruel and unusual punishment. Guantanamo Bay has nothing on Tyler Perry in drag.


The statement above may be the truest thing ever written by any member of Liberty Ballers. It's like the Hatfields and the McCoys, Eagles vs. Cowboys, Team Edward vs. Team Jacob... you can't like both Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. It's just not possible.

By the way, the correct answer is "Team Shawn." Bret Hart is the most boring "superstar" in the history of wrestling (although the "Wrestling With Shadows" documentary is EPIC), and his stint with WCW was largely forgettable.

Conversely, Shawn Michaels had that special "it" factor, whereas Hart couldn't find charisma if he spent the whole day on the set of "Angel." And while "The Hitman" may have been the better technical wrestler, it bears noting that "The Heartbreak Kid" won Pro Wrestling Illustrated's "Match of the Year" award 11 times.


The Kiss-Cam is especially dumb because:

1) No one wants to be on it.
2) Much of the time, the pair pictured on the screen isn't an actual couple. (I mean, really... how many times have we seen the "No! He's my brother!" reaction?)
3) If they do happen to be a couple, then the resulting kiss winds up being awkward. Like "watching your grandparents make out" awkward.
4) It always ends with a shot of the last two players on the opposing team's bench. Seeing Byron Mullens and Willie Green refuse to kiss was funny the first time it happened, but not so much on the 175th go-around.


The "Carlton" Cam
The "Wave"
Thunder Sticks
The Sixers Drumstix
Ayla Brown


Get well soon, Mikey.

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