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Evan Turner Dunk Draws Lakers' Ire in Sixers Win

Some game facts here.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Try as they might, a Sixers road win in December can't quite measure up to an Eagles victory over the Cowboys that sends the Birds into the playoffs and the 'Boys into the offseason. Most people neglected the Sixers entirely, favoring Nick Foles press conferences and Jon Dorenbos instagram pictures over crunchtime at Staples Center while Brett Brown's bunch held off a largely hysterical and talentless Lakers team.

As the clock ran out on the Lakers chances -- too many missed shots, too many turnovers, too much Swag -- James Anderson corralled a floorboard and passed it ahead for a streaking Evan Turner. And then... well, just watch.

First off -- DAMN! That's a dunk! Ev! Where you been!

What this video doesn't show is the second part of Sergeant Turner's Magical Apology Tour, where he goes up to Nick Young, Swaggy P in winning efforts, and continues his My Bads to His Swagness. Nicholas, bless him, rebuffs Evan. Hard.

This was only a few minutes after Nick, having been fouled by a griping Michael Carter-Williams on a jumper, was talking trash to the rook as he himself was taking foul shots. But nothing is as offensive as a garbage time exclamation point transition dunk on a rival court. Swaggy's gotta draw the line somewhere. Ain't no swag in being a sore winner. Hey, Jamal Crawford! Weigh in!


Evan's immediate regret and hilarious quest to apologize to every member of the Lakers (Quick! Find Steve Blake!) really makes this perfect for me.

I don't particularly care either way if it was disrespectful or intentional or against The Code -- it was awesome, made even more awesomererer by ET's remorse and traverse through enemy palms.

The 2013-14 Sixers: We Apologize When We Win. It's been an immaculate 2013, kids. See you on the other side.

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