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Nick Young is Nick Young, but Sixers Beat Lakers Post-Game Thread

Final: 111-104.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles and Sixers took care of business against America's teams today -- the Lakers and the Cowboys. You probably have different feelings about each game. Still: a fun night in sports. Bullet points that you won't read before reacting.

  • Nick Young owns the Lakers. He may not actually own them, because Swag ≠ Money, but there's no player who is more well-liked by their fans. Including Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Durant. Sorry guys. It's Nick. He finished 6-21 (!!!!) with 26 points and 6 turnovers and millions of lives saved.
  • So Thaddeus Young is really good and everybody is recognizing that's because of Jake's report that he asked to be traded. He finished with 25 and 9, his 4th straight game with 25+. You're welcome.
  • After we all had a night off from Evan Turner in which Michael Carter-Williams took 284 shots, MCW toned it back tonight and played much more efficient. 4-7 from the field, 13-5-5-4. Too much complaining to the refs though. Like, stop it.
  • How big was that Connor Barwin knockdown?
  • Evan had 22-7-6 on 19 shots. Hey, well done. Oh and a dunk at the end that will be entirely the subject of my game recap tomorrow morning.
  • The Sixers refuse to cover three-point shots. Down 3, Shawne Williams had a 25-foot berth with which to take a game-tying three. He missed because he's bad. That doesn't make him less open.
  • Chip Kelly, in his first season in the NFL, won the NFC East. With a deeply flawed Eagles team coming into the season. That's wonderful.
  • It seems like James Anderson and Hollis Thompson alternate good nights. They have an agreement between them to not play well on the same night, because other NBA teams deserve a chance to beat the Sixers.
  • First road win for the boys since the second game of the season when they beat Washington.
  • Some love for Spencer Hawes, who continues to avoid defense entirely but does very wonderful things on the offensive end that will hopefully help a contender some point soon.
  • Must be the "ills of tanking" again.

Evan Turner Dunk Recap to come in the morning. Celebrate the Eagles and Sixers restoring glory back to Philadelphia. #TEAMPHIL(ADELPHIA)

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