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Sam Hinkie, Sixers Claim Kendall Marshall in D-League Waivers for Delaware Sevens



Sam Hinkie, you dog. But first, news. The Sixers have claimed former first-round pick and North Carolina Tar Heel Kendall Marshall for their D-League affiliate, the Delaware 87ers (via Woj). After being drafted by the Phoenix Suns 13th in the 2012 NBA Draft, Marshall was traded to Washington in the Marcin Gortat deal a month ago. The Wizards released him, and he's been traversing the NBA free agent landscape since.

Until now!

Nobody knows the value of a cast-off first round pick more than Sam Hinkie. James Anderson, Tony Wroten, Royce White, Elliot Williams, and now Kendall Marshall. There's no denying that Marshall, like all of these other pieces picked up from the scrap heap, has plenty of weaknesses. But the talent is there, and this year's Sixers is the perfect opportunity to give that talent a chance to grow.

It'll take a bit, though. Marshall was signed to the Sevens, which means the Sixers can't simply call him up right away.

Logic may dictate otherwise, but my currently-inflating ego citing Sam Hinkie Trolling Me as the reason for this pickup. Months ago, I went manic in a weeks-long SB Nation NBA mock draft, in which the rest of the LB writers nearly strangled me for attempting to acquire Kendall Marshall. A few months later, Hinkie himself mentioned to Rich and Derek in the infamous Blogger Brunch that he was going to float out a Kendall Marshall rumor just to see my reaction. WELL YOU GOT ME, SAM. YOU GOT ME.

Kendall also has a tremendous twitter account and has been known to reference Basketball Twitter's own "btb" on more than one occasion. If you don't know what btb means, just ask.

And Kendall, if you need a place to stay in Delaware, may I recommend #BauserCouch. We're happy to have you here. Let's all move to Delaware.

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