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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Dance Dance Revolution

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, Brandon Davies meets his idol, Sam Hinkie's mentor shows off his post-up game, and we give you the scoop on some of the best post-Christmas deals around.

Brandon Davies's favorite TV show may surprise you. Or maybe not.
Brandon Davies's favorite TV show may surprise you. Or maybe not.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Thank goodness for these post-Christmas sales - otherwise, I wouldn't be able to spend $69.99 on a set of 2000-01 Sixers' nesting dolls that look nothing like the actual players themselves. Not only is the Iverson one poor representation of Bubbachuck (but a half-decent Charles Barkley, all things considered), but the painted on cornrows are especially hilarious. It looks like Rick Mahorn was the model for the Dikembe Mutombo figurine, and I have no idea what they were trying to do with the Matt Geiger doll.

And then there's the hoodie purse, which I guess wouldn't be a horrible idea if it wasn't so lame and generic. I'd love to know the identity of the person who gave this the green light: I'm pretty sure that if I walked onto the set of "Shark Tank" with a box of these in my arms, Kevin O'Leary or Mark Cuban would laugh me out of the room. And those are the same guys who gave $25,000 to a dude who draws stick figures of cats.


Evan Turner's pre-New Year's resolution is to go 12 straight months talking into a hot microphone and not cursing. He's doing a good job so far.

The Sixers tried to get Brett Brown to record one of these holiday greetings, but no one understood what he was saying.


See... the Charles Barkley trade wasn't entirely bad. Maybe we should have hired Hornacek to coach the team back then instead of Doug Moe, Fred Carter, John Lucas, et al. He's doing a much better job on the bench than that guy in Brooklyn.

Just curious: Who was the last Sixer not named "Jeff Hornacek" or "Allen Iverson" to score 35 points in a game? It seems like it's been a while.

(Consider this a blatant plea for a Jeff Hornacek edition of "Remember That Guy".)


For the unfamiliar, Abby Lee Miller is the grinch owner and chief choreographer of the Abby Lee Dance Company. She also happens to be the lead antagonist of "Dance Moms", a Lifetime show that seems to follow a fairly rigid script even though it falls under the umbrella of "reality television":

1st 32 minutes: Miller rants at a bunch of 8-to-15-year-old girls (and their mothers), telling anyone within earshot that the ALDC won't win the upcoming dance competition in [insert city here].

Next 10 minutes: Highlights from a very uninteresting dance competition. I'm sure it would be mildly entertaining if I had a daughter/niece/cousin involved, but I don't, so it's boring.

Final 2 minutes: The ALDC wins more awards than every other team in attendance, but Ms. Miller yells at everyone (moms and daughters alike) because they didn't win EVERY SINGLE GOLD MEDAL possible.

I still don't get Davies's infatuation with the show, however - none of the girls involved has ever blown multiple alley-oops.


There's really no direct connection to the Sixers in this post, but watching this Vine made me wonder what Sam Hinkie's basketball game is like. As you can see, Daryl Morey is all about the high percentage shots, and something tells me that Hinkie's infatuation with analytics and numbers means that the Sixers' GM has a Tim Duncan-like affinity with using the glass.

(BTW, why is it that Morey has better post-up moves than Dwight Howard?)


Happy holidays, everyone.

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