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SECRET SANTA EXCLUSIVE: What Each Sixer Got For Christmas


then they hugged
then they hugged
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not even gonna drop a lede for this one. SIXERS SECRET SANTA CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Let's get to it.

LAVOY ALLEN (from Hawes) - Shawn Kemp shirsey

Card: "Because your games are similar! Like, right now. Kemp at 44, you at 24. Seattle Forever. Merry Christmas, bro. - Hot Spencer"

JAMES ANDERSON (from Hollis) - A laminated wallet-size photo of the two of them

Card: "No matter who starts, we're brothers. With love, Holliswood."


Card: "sorry you're not in TEAM WHOP bro but like maybe keep working on those beats you know? gotta really nail those vander blue parts -- sorta integral to what we're trying to pull together. oh and yeah i got your mixtape, haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. been busy with practice and stuff, you get it. can't wait to listen though, really excited. also i lost some earrings in the locker room, i think. i've been asking around to see if anybody grabbed them by mistake. so yeah just let me know. ummmm yeah just have a great holiday and enjoy some time off and yeah the beats and the earrings. that's it. merry christmas. - WROT"

MICHAEL CARTER-WILLIAMS (from Davies) - Weekend stay for two at an all-expenses-paid resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Card: "You don't have to take me! haha but id go if you wanted. schedule's pretty open for like late january. only if you're interested. no pressure just saying. Reminder: I don't celebrate Christmas so this was sort of a big deal getting you a present, just wanted to make sure you appreciated it. You're playing great! I just think we'd have a good time is all I'm saying. - BRANDON"

BRANDON DAVIES (from Thad) - Tom Emanski Instructional Videos featuring Fred McGriff

Card: "Maybe give something else a try! You never know! Congrats on an excellent rookie season! Love, Thad."

SPENCER HAWES (from Evan) - A "FREE AGENCY 2014" tattoo

Card: "We'll finally get paid like we deserve! Get dat paper boiiiiiiiiii. Good thing you're such a light sleeper, sorry about the rash -- I didn't expect it to get that inflamed. - Villain"

ARNETT MOULTRIE (from Lorenzo) - Ties

Card: "I've never seen you before in my life. Merry Christmas? - 'Zo"

NERLENS NOEL (from MCW) - Bright Eyes album "Letting Off the Happiness"

Card: "I miss you so goddamn much, bro, real talk. - Dubs"

DANIEL ORTON (from Moultrie) - a burger

Card: "sorry it's moldy - moultrie"

JASON RICHARDSON (from Anderson) - A laminated wallet-size photo of James Anderson and Hollis Thompson (re-gifted)

Card: "TIME'S UP, OLD MAN. merry christmas though - James"

HOLLIS THOMPSON (from Elliot) - Knee Cartilage

Card: "I don't need it anymore, you should have it. It's not weird. - Ell"

EVAN TURNER (from Nerlens) - Skin Infection Knee Cream

Card: "Bro, I'm telling you. Everybody my age is doing it. Just rub a little bit on and it gets you super numb and high in like the best way. MCW just got too ambitious with how much he put on. A few drops and you'll be floating. And, uh, just in case you were wondering, Hinkie definitely didn't put me up to this. - Nerl"

ELLIOT WILLIAMS (from Orton) - Sixers playbook

Card: "You need this more than I do. - Cowboy Dan"

TONY WROTEN (from Lavoy) - The Wire full box set

Card: "The first few episodes are tough to get through, but I promise it's worth it. Seriously, stick with the show -- you'll get all the references I make to it on the plane. Oh and let me know when you get to Clay Davis, he's my man. You sorta remind me of Bodie, so tell me what you think of that when you get to him. Not gonna spoil anything but... man, I wish I was you and could watch it again for the first time. Shit, man. Actually just text me when you're gonna watch it and I'll come over. It's so great. - Voy"

THADDEUS YOUNG (from J-Rich) - A Trade

Card: "We're going to Milwaukee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Jason"

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