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Power Rankings: Started From The Bottom Now We're Back

On November 4th, the Sixers were on top of the world. Now they're at the bottom. Would that make the Sixers Antarctica?

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While most national media pundits believed the Sixers were worthy of being called the "worst team in the NBA", others still had a soft spot for the lovable, hard working men from Philadelphia.

ESPN's Marc Stein thought the Sixers win over Brooklyn was so impressive, he bumped them up all the way to 28th, one up from 29th last week. Here's what he had to say:

Michael Carter-Williams returns; Philly finally wins. It was 0-7 during his latest absence until Evan Turner shook free for an OT bucket against Brooklyn for the Sixers' first buzzer-beating success since (whoa) November 2004, when a guy named Allen Iverson beat Washington at the horn.

The gang over at USA Today also had the Sixers at 28th, but down one spot from 27th last week. We admire their confidence in the team. Here's what they had to say:

Michael Carter-Williams refuses to let them tank in peace. Rookies need to learn their place.

Oh, the tank will happen, with or without him.'s Marc Spears has the team cemented at 29th, still higher than Milwaukee despite their 10 point loss against the Bucks on Saturday.

SBN's Jason Patt,'s John Schuhmann, and's Matt Moore all felt the Sixers are the scum of the NBA. Shame on all three.

From Patt:

The Sixers are giving up the most points in the NBA by a wide margin and just lost to Milwaukee. So for that, I condemn Philly to the cellar.

For that comment, Jason, we condemn you to watch this team night in and night out. It ain't easy.

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