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Evan Turner has a sore knee, but he's gonna keep playing probably

hobbitses banging mallets on his kneecaps while he sleeps

stop bending
stop bending
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

This from the school of Michael Carter-Williams Has A Skin Infection: Evan Turner's knee is sore. He played 47 good offensive minutes in the win against Brooklyn before happily laying an egg against Milwaukee. Brett Brown says it's because he came up lame with a sore knee.

"It is nothing to be concerned about," Brett Brown said after a light Sunday practice.

Okay! Seems like it won't keep him out. Especially since the Sixers have a week between games due to the annual Disney On Ice takeover that goes down in Philadelphia every December -- still the most ridiculous reason for a road trip this side of an actual rodeo tournament.

You draw your own conclusions if/when Evan sits for a few games. Maybe it's because of Tankadelphia, maybe they just want to give him a couple games off to see how the team performs without him. Maybe his knee is sore and he'll play through it.

A brief, semi-related rant, though. In Lynam's post, she quotes Brett Brown as saying Evan needs to be more consistent and, in her words, "that has been Turner’s goal for the past couple of seasons, yet it still eludes him." That bugs me. Like, "being consistent" is not a thing. Working on his jumper, that's a thing. Making better decisions, that's a thing. Paying attention on defense, also a thing. But "consistency" in itself is not a problem for a guy like Evan Turner. His talent level is the issue. Not vague inconsistencies.

Tons of mainstreamers bring up consistency with every player, and usually it doesn't apply. And now I have needlessly ranted about it. Merry Christmas.

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