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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Tough Calls

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, Nick Young talks about the "creep life", Chris Bosh wears a questionable sweatshirt to a holiday party, and the Sixers play a part in one of the least-romantic proposals in the history of the world.

Nick Young is OK with the "creep life."
Nick Young is OK with the "creep life."
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

So THAT'S why I got that unexpected voicemail on Friday. And, for the record, there are no hard feelings between my ex and I. She still owes me $20, though.

(On a related note, if anyone has video of either of these performances, we're more than willing to pay top dollar for it.)


I think most of us would agree that proposing during a sporting event is lame (on Kiss Cam, no less), but if you're going to do so, why would you take the plunge during a Sixers-Nets tilt in December?

Luckily for the betrothed, the proposal came in the middle of one of the more exciting Sixers' games of the year (as if there's a long list of those, but I digress...). It's a good thing that the groom-to-be didn't break out the ring during Monday's game against the Nets - no one wants their engagement to be associated with a bloodbath.


Since denying the Liberty Ballers' report that he asked for a trade earlier this season, Thaddeus Young is averaging 27.5 points and 8.0 rebounds per game (and is a perfect 7-for-7 from beyond the arc). Therefore, in the interest of tanking, we will no longer report when a player asks for a trade. At this point, we may not even write about actual trades themselves - we don't want to be the cause of and/or motivation for any possible victories down the stretch.




39 seconds into this video, I realized just how much I miss Nick Young. In true Swaggy P fashion, he answered a few off-the-cuff questions, and he got most of them right. In case you're curious, the staff of the SMS (read: me) made their own Tough Calls:

Birdman's tattoos or Noah's hair?: Noah's hair. Unless you're a tattoo artist or an exceptional athlete, it would be hard to get a job if you walk in for an interview looking like Birdman. Conversely, Noah's hair could get you jobs and/or numbers from the ladies (or, at the very least, Head and Shoulders commercials). You always have to think about the future, kids.

Everywhere you go in life, would you prefer to have KG scream at you or David Stern watch you? As creepy as it would be to have a 71-year-old man study your every move, I'd prefer that over KG yelling at me. Garnett made Glen "Big Baby" Davis cry during their Celtics' days - his arsenal of profanities is vast and impressive.

You can win the MVP award, but you'd have to dress like Craig Sager for the rest of your life - yes or no? This is a clear yes: I'd have no problem wearing garish Easter suits if I won an MVP award. Heck... we've seen former MVPs sport clothes that they have no business wearing.

Betty White or Joan Rivers?: Betty White. This needs to explanation.

Get dunked on by Nate Robinson or no eyebrows? It's probably more embarrassing for an NBA player to get banged on by Nate Robinson, but did you see how weird Mike Woodson looked when he shaved his eyebrows a few years ago? I'd let Nate Robinson steal a dunk contest from me if it came down to it. Oh wait... that already happened.


These tweets need no context, and truthfully, proper context would probably ruin them. So just enjoy Speezy's thoughts for what they are.


Damn, Gina. I don't know what's worse: referring to an opposing team as "bottomfeeders", or doing the same to your own team. And while head coach Jason Kidd had no comment on Pierce's statement, associate head coach Lawrence Frank had plenty to say. Unfortunately, he was too busy "writing reports" to go on record.


This has zero to do with the Sixers, but since former LB scribe Kami Mattioli tweeted the picture of Chris Bosh in a humping reindeer sweatshirt, that gives us an excuse to post the picture of Chris Bosh in a humping reindeer sweatshirt. If you're so inclined, you can buy the humping reindeer sweatshirt at this link right here.

By the way, we here at LB would like to congratulate Wade and Union on their engagement. Thanks for not doing it during the middle of a Sixers' game.

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