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A Running Diary Of The Sixers' 116-106 Loss To The Milwaukee Bucks

After a stunning overtime win against the Nets, the Sixers' tanking efforts got back on track with a vital 116-106 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks Wednesday night in Milwaukee. The following is a running diary of the night's events.

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8:36 PM: Liberty Ballers is proud to tweet we are officially a part of Team Ice Cream.

8:40 PM: John Henson is not starting due to a left knee contusion. Caron Butler fills in for him, starting at small forward while Khris Middleton plays power forward.

8:40 PM: Grab a Milwaukee's Best and sit down and relax because we are underway!

8:45 PM: Both teams are 3/7 to start. The game is tied at 6. Symmetrical.

8:45 PM: Marc Zumoff experimenting with how many pronunciations of Giannis Antetokounmpo he can come up with. Gotta entertain yourself somehow this season.

8:50 PM: I am making Knight/night puns in reference to Brandon Knight on Twitter. No one is RTing or faving them. Now if you'll excuse me for a second, I believe a tomato just smacked my window. I'm investigating.

8:52 PM: I'm not exactly sure what effect the Bucks are trying to achieve with the different colored hardwood at BMO Harris Bradley Center, but it looks like a diagram of my teeth pre-braces.

8:54 PM: Former-Sixer-for-five-minutes Nate Wolters is in the game. Currently seeing if Dave can write a Remember This Guy: Nate Wolters piece.

8:55 PM: We are at five different pronunciations of Antetokounmpo. This is a noble effort.

8:58 PM: Baumann offered me the opportunity to switch games with him. Last night's for tonight's. Currently regretting that decision. Bucks lead 21-16. Pretty sure the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl is more exciting than this.

8:59 PM: Dave does not in fact Remember That Guy: Nate Wolters.

9:03 PM: The Sixers let Miroslav Raduljica get behind them on a dead ball play for an instant quarter-ending dunk in the final three seconds of the first quarter. More hideous than described here.

9:05 PM: The Bucks lead 29-23 at the end of the first quarter. The past 26 minutes could have been better spent Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

9:07 PM: Brandon Davies misses a lay-up. Who needs Kwame when you have Brandon Davies?

9:14 PM: Giannis is back in the game. I repeat, Giannis is back in the game.

9:17 PM: Spencer Hawes misses a three point attempt. God bless America.

9:19 PM: The Milwaukee Bucks are nightmare for commentators everywhere. Mark and Malik are holding up bravely in the face of adversity.

9:26 PM: Huh? What? There's a basketball game on? Oh. Yeah. Right. Bucks lead by 11, 53-42. Zumoff's settled on an elongated Antetokounmpo that's positively adorable.

9:30 PM: MICHAEL CARTER-WILLIAMS WITH THE JAM! Sixers trail by 10, but holy crap that was fun!


9:34 PM: Bucks lead 59-49 at halftime. I think I had too much ice cream.

9:49 PM: The second half is underway in Milwaukee. Sixers still 59-49.

9:50 PM: After being simultaneously fouled by half the Bucks team, MCW drains a field goal without any foul call.

9:53 PM: Sixers start the half on an 8-0 run, capped by Spencer Hawes making a field goal with his back to the basket. America.

9:56 PM: Marc Zumoff just utilized the phrase "he was lasso'd" as a description of a non-foul call. I love this broadcast team.

9:58 PM: Khris Middleton has eight of his 15 points in the 3rd quarter as the Bucks have extended the lead back up to eight.

10:00 PM: Giannis lay-up followed by a Caron Butler three, and the Bucks now lead by 13. Well that brief little comeback was fun while it lasted.

10:09 PM: These past few minutes of basketball has been Keystone Kops stuff.

10:10 PM: Luke Ridnour buries a three. Walters lays it in for another two. Under a minute left in the quarter, Sixers trail by 15.

10:13 PM: I'm not exactly sure how one should go about describing the end of that quarter. Bucks lead 85-72 through three.

10:19 PM: Elliot Williams hit a three. I repeat, Elliot Williams hit a three.

10:29 PM: Thaddeus Young is one of true bright spots of this game. 4/4 from beyond the arc and 22 points total thus far on 8/15 shooting. Up that trade value, Thad.

10:37 PM: Typing up the immediate reaction thread, I fear I may miss something worthy of note in this running diary. Like that point blank Evan Turner missed lay up. Hang on, I just did document that. Ok then. Moving on...

10:46 PM: The Sixers are making a run at the game. Down 106-99 with less than a minute left. Can the Bucks pull out a tanking comeback from the jaws of victory for the second night in a row?

10:49 PM: Spencer Hawes rims a lay-up. A scramble in front leads to a Sixers foul. Bucks shooting free throws up nine with 36.1 seconds left.

10:53 PM: Sixers lose 116-106. The Sixers just lost to the worst team in the league in the standings. This has been a huge moment in tanking. In tanking's version of Heat-Pacers, the Sixers have come out on top. Or the bottom, as it were. The Sixers have not won in regulation since November 8. The Sixers have not won at all on the road since November 1.

Next up for the Sixers is a week off followed by five game west coast road trip beginning next Saturday at Phoenix. The Sixers are 8-20, haven't won on the road in a month and a half, and will now face five straight Western Conference teams on the road. Merry Christmas, Sixers fans!

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