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Sixers Outtank Bucks Enroute To 116-106 Loss: Immediate Reaction Thread

In a tanking Super Bowl of sorts, the Sixers outtanked the Bucks, picking up a 116-106 defeat to a Bucks team currently last in the league in the standings.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

After taking an early 11-10 first quarter lead, the Sixers fell behind to the Milwaukee Bucks and the Bucks never looked back. Led by 21 points on 7-13 shooting from Brandon Knight and 27 points on 11-15 shooting from Khris Middleton, the Bucks cruised to a 116-106 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. After a surprise buzzer-beating overtime win, the Sixers were back on track in their intentional efforts to tank with a key loss against a fellow team in tanking. And for the Bucks, who may be tanking a little less wittingly, this victory against brazen tankers came after a dramatic overtime loss last night.

Here are a few thoughts on the game:

  • Thaddeus Young is awesome. After being discouraged from shooting beyond the arc by Doug Collins, Thad has let his three point shooting shine this season. He went 4-4 from beyond the arc tonight, and with each made three one could imagine him screaming "EFF YOU, DOUG COLLINS!" at the top of his lungs much in the same way Spencer Hawes belts "GOD BLESS AMERICA" after each of his threes. Thad led all scorers in the game with 30 points on 11-19 shooting.
  • Brandon Davies is positively Kwame-esque in every sense of the word and it could not feel more right. Except for maybe the continuous eating and Michael Bolton albums. Today he added a missed lay-up to his resume.
  • We here at Liberty Ballers all watched Giannis Antetokounmpo tonight and we continue to pine for The Greek Freak.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks entered the game dead last in offensive efficiency. So naturally, they shot 52.4% from the field for a grand total of 116 points.
  • Evan Turner's defense continues to be not good. Outside of getting to the line six times, Turner did little to contribute offensively, shooting a paltry 2-15 for 10 points with only three assists.
  • There were parts of this game that I swear were not at all what basketball was designed to look like. At least Michael Carter-Williams had a fun game to watch
  • Full recap will be up later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

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