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Sixers vs. Nets Game Thread: Wake Up and Smell the Kholodets

Less with the KG and more with the MCW.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport
Game #27

Philadelphia 76ers (2010 - Pres)
Wells Fargo Center
7:00 PM
Comcast SportsNet
Probable Starters
Deron Williams PG Michael Carter-Williams
Alan Anderson SG Hollis Thompson
Paul Pierce SF Evan Turner
Mirza Teletovic PF Thaddeus Young
Brook Lopez C Spencer Hawes
2013/14 Advanced Stats
92.1 (25) Pace 99.2 (1)
104.6 (17) ORtg 99.7 (27)
109.6 (29) DRtg 109.2 (28)
Game Officials
Andrew Wiggin
Julian Delphiki
Dink Meeker

I'm kinda sad about Thad wanting out of town, and just pissed as all getout that I'll have to watch Kevin Garnett conduct antics for 48 minutes. So instead let's talk about kholodets. Kholodets is a traditional Russian dish that I brought up by way of a joke I made in the preview. Kholodets is meat jello. No, really, the recipe I linked to calls for pork bones, beef and chicken. And some salt, pepper and onion, because you don't want your meat jello salad to be bland.

People are saying we should boycott the forthcoming winter Olympics because of Russia's horrifying human rights record and corruption. I say we should boycott because they're a bunch of backwards shitheels who eat meat jello.

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