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Lakers Sign Kendall Marshall from Delaware Sevens

Because the Sixers had signed him to a D-League contract, he was fair game.


Kendall Marshall, we knew, was not forever. It was only a matter of time before the triple-doubles piled up and some other team came calling. After flirting with Memphis, Marshall has signed an NBA contract with the point guard black hole Los Angeles Lakers. He had spent the last two weeks with the Sixers D-League team in Delaware.

The Lakers have been starting some combination of Kobe Bryant and Jodie Meeks at the 1 while Jordan Farmar and Steve Nash are out, so now that Kobe's down for 6 weeks, there's an opportunity for massive minutes for Marshall. Good for him, because he was showing some improvement with the Sevens -- 20-10-5-2 with a line of 42-46-79. The aggressiveness and shooting were, aside from defense, the biggest knocks on him in his first year with Phoenix. Seems like he's really recovered from that wrist injury and maybe he's back to the player scouts thought he could be.

Suppose this means Hinkie saw enough from Lorenzo Brown to determine he's more valuable than Marshall going forward. I, too, liked a lot of what I saw from 'Zo (even though the stats spit at me), so aside from being mad about KButter leaving because it's fun, I'm cool with Hinkie opting for the more talented player.

Kendall Marshall is the best player of all time and Sam Hinkie gifted me two weeks of Kendall in the Sixers organization and for that I am grateful. I will pay it forward by allowing Marshall to crash at my place while he's looking for a place out here. I think the Lakers are a great spot for him, now that he finally gets to play with Steve Nash (Nash left Phoenix just after they drafted Kendall) and in Mike D'Antoni's system.

What Can Kendall Marshall Do For The Sixers? Not much, apparently. Too desirable to other teams.

Was it worth all my hype?

Yes. Definitely yes. Have fun with Jodie and Swaggy.

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